Kaffeinated Kodemonkey
Your presence & reputation; who are you going to trust?

In a one-on-one meeting over coffee we will personally show you why a web presence is important and how to leverage tools to drive customers to you business.

Why do I need a website?

  • Because your competitors, associates, and collegues have one.
  • Because websites never sleep.
  • Because it's the best tool for branding your business or identity.
  • Because it widens your customer range and connects you with new customers.
  • Because it establishes  credibility for you, and / or your business or organization.
  • Because it is necessary for anybody doing business or establishing a professional reputation in the 21st century.

We keep it simple.

We use Content Management Systems (CMS) and online Web Builders to deliver you a custom, professional website, which can be maintained in house, if you wish, in half the time of hand coding or building from scratch. Most of our websites can be ready to publish in 3 months or less.